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Periodic inspection of drive shaft

Release Time:2020-03-23    

      The warranty for the periodic inspection of the drive shaft varies depending on the drive car in different ways.

      For front-rear-drive vehicles, the drive shaft uses two unequal-speed universal joint connectors. If there is a clicking

 sound when the pressure release clutch is uphill, or when the chassis is rapidly accelerating or decelerating, it means 

that the joint of the unequal speed universal joint must be replaced.

      Another way to check this is to hold the drive shaft up and down under the chassis. If the angle of rotation exceeds 

46 degrees, it means that the gap of the joint of the constant velocity joint is too large and must be repaired.

      The drive shaft of the front-wheel drive vehicle uses a constant velocity universal joint, and a part of the connector

 is sealed with an eraser sleeve. The buyer must always check the condition of the eraser sleeve. If it is damaged, 

sand and stone will run into the universal joint while driving, speeding up the damage and shortening the service life.

     It is very easy to check if the eraser cover is cracked: if you notice extremely thick oil marks around the rims and 

the bottom of the diesel engine, or if there is a love sound when you hit the steering wheel of the car while driving,

 it means that the cross shaft connector If something goes wrong, it should be replaced.

     In addition, buyers should try to minimize turning the steering wheel in place, as this will cause the cross shaft 

connector to be too heavy and shorten the service life.

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